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Garth Hassel

Garth Hassel

Executive Director

Garth married his high school sweetheart, Karen. They earned bachelor's and master's degrees at Penn State before arriving in Idaho Falls in 1992. They had a miracle son, then one-by-one adopted two daughters and two sons. Garth built a school where Karen customized the education of each child.

Over the course of twenty years as a consulting engineer, Garth listened to his clients, defined their challenges, and rallied a team of experts to exceed their expectations. Every serious family, every business owner wants a coordinated team of pros working to engineer control over their economies.

Executive management reinforced to Garth the value of one’s brand. In financial services, the brand must convey and structurally support fiduciary principles, independence, holistic perspective and progressive insight.

Two major events in one year calibrated Garth’s view of "care planning," losing a brother and leaving the corporate world:

A surgeon and family man, Garth's brother heard those dreaded words from a fellow physician, "terminal cancer." Yet his planning well before that diagnosis let him focus on making memories with those he cared for, rather than fretting financial ruin.

When Garth exited two decades of generous employer benefits, he learned that planning for those he cared for would cost more than if he had taken more control earlier in life. Do you know why?

Changes in life, when they come, are easier on those we love if we cared enough to plan first. That's "care planning."