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Steve Gudmundson

Steve Gudmundson

Associate Director

Steven is an Associate Director with Global View Capital Advisors and enjoys enriching the lives
of his clients. Steve holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Utah State University and spent
over 20 years working with patients and directing programs in the medical world. His specialty
was working with heart patients, who are often the senior members of our community.
Listening to his patients concerns, he came to realize that many of these folks didn’t have a plan
and often found themselves in financial trouble. Armed with years of business experience (his
second love in college), he has been helping young and old to develop a plan to not only find
success in life, but also in retirement.

He’ll tell you it is a privilege and a great responsibility to be trusted by his clients. Throughout
his career, Steve has seen one common thread that brings success; Education coupled with
opportunity. It has always been his philosophy to provide better education for those he serves
and then to let them take an active role in the decision making Process. “No one knows your
needs like you do”, he says; The best thing he can do is to empower his clients with knowledge,
then make them aware of the opportunities they have.

Steve married his best friend Jennifer and together they have 5 awesome children. You’ll find
all of them working and playing together. They’ve adopted the mantra “If it ain’t fun, don’t do
it, but you can make almost anything fun”. He says; “Some of the greatest memories we have,
have come while we were working and serving others.” Steve has been an athlete his entire
life, running marathons and finishing Ironman distances. He knows how to work and what it
means to be in it for the long haul and expects to build these kinds of lifelong relationships with
his clients. He says; “Life is about change and a financial plan should change as life’s
circumstances do. I want to be there for the milestones. From start to finish, and all the
changes in-between.”