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The future of investing is here

We're the first SEC Registered Investment Advisor in the USA to partner with Wealthsimple, a pioneer in the robo-advisory space (online investing with low fees that are popular with millennials). Wealthsimple has over 80% of Canada's robo space and recently launched in the USA and the UK. It's backed by $100M by Power Financial. Wealthsimple prioritizes user-friendly design including a mobile app. They've been widely covered by Bloomberg, Interbrand, Forbes and Fast Company.

Here's their Super Bowl Ad:

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click the "Create an Account" button
  • Create login
  • Answer a handful of questions about age, what saving for, how long, investment history, risk tolerance, income and how much can put towards investing. 
  • The minimum is, get this, $1.00. Just a buck can be distributed across a diversified portfolio! (because they can do fractional shares to the 4th decimal place) Of course if you want your account to get anywhere it makes sense to start with more like $100.
  • It will show you your portfolio allocation before you fund it.
  • Fund via bank account or transfer from existing account.
  • Choose account type (if transferring from an IRA make sure it's the same type of IRA)
  • Signature is just a checkbox.

The whole process typically takes about 10 minutes. I opened my account and set up monthly contributions in about 7 minutes -- I admit it made me feel younger and sort of cool!

I'll meet with anyone in person or via Skype to help them along. 

Wealthsimple regularly rebalances the portfolio automatically. 

Excuses to procrastinate are gone with the barriers of paper, time, and initial investment amounts needed at other institutions to launch a diversified portfolio!